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2016 Impact Report
Letter from the Chair and CEO
Thirty years ago, Bi-State Primary Care Association was formed by health and social service leaders across our states to ensure access to care for our most vulnerable citizens. Two Community Health Center executives were at the helm of this endeavor. The mission has endured for 30 years with a steadfast commitment to improve access to comprehensive primary and preventive health care for everyone in New Hampshire and Vermont. Bi-State has served as a catalyst for diverse groups, with varying interests, to organize around a shared vision of access to health care for all.  
Bi-State unifies Health Centers and community partners to speak as one voice to reduce barriers to health coverage and access. We consider social factors that may impact health outcomes including   poverty, rural and social isolation, homelessness, cultural norms and language barriers. Bi-State advises state and federal lawmakers on health care matters important to their constituents; educates on the impact of government legislation, regulation and policies that affect health care access; actively recruits doctors, nurses and dentists; supports clinical and quality improvements, technical advancements and the continued expansion of Health Center services.
Bi-State, the Health Centers and our community partners collaborate to improve the health and well-being of all residents, especially low-income and vulnerable populations. Since 1986, 27 new Health Centers have been established across New Hampshire and Vermont, 124 clinical sites were added and the number of patients gaining access to primary health care increased by 3,000 percent. 
Beyond the number of patients served, the most noteworthy transformation is the expansion and broadening of focus beyond the provision of primary medical care to the full integration of oral health, behavioral health and mental health, including the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders. The Health Centers provide lower-cost pharmacies, patient care management, nutrition counseling and translation on-site and connect patients to services that assist with transportation, housing and food security. The breadth of services and the favorable patient health outcomes are truly remarkable. We are pleased to share highlights of the progress we’ve made toward our mission to ensure access to primary health care for all. 
- Kevin Kelly, MS, CMPE - Chair, Board of Directors, Bi-State Primary Care Association and Chief Executive Officer, Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley
- Tess Stack Kuenning, CNS, MS, RN - President and Chief Executive Officer, Bi-State Primary Care Association